Monday, October 29, 2012

Cover of the Day: Shadow of the Mark

Shadow of the Mark (Carrier Trilogy, #2)
Shadow of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

I couldn't take my eyes off of this one. I LOVE the colors. The stormy background makes the clash between purple and blue stand out better, and it also gives the cover this eerie vibe. And the smoky fabric? Wow. It reminds me of mermaids.
 What do you think?



  1. I knew this one would pop up on here soon. It's too gorgeous! I completely agree about the colors. What I think I love most about it, though, is that it's the same image from the first book in the series, Carrier of the Mark, flipped sideways. Hats off to the designer—it's amazing!

    1. I know, whoever designed this cover is a genius!!!

  2. Gorgeous! Just by the cover alone, I'd be tempted to buy this book if I see it at a bookstore. Thanks for sharing this. :)

    Jhobell Kristyl