Cover to Cover was started on March 20, 2012. It's a blog that's updated daily with a post featuring a particularly lovely YA book cover.

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The Bloggers
Cheyenne from {This Girl Reads}

A long time reader, turned book blogger, turned cover blogger.

After a few months of reviewing books on blog, I realized that one of my favorite parts of books, the covers, didn't get half the recognition they deserved. To make a long story short, the cover blog, Cover to Cover, was born.

Megan from The Book Babe

A southern girl that's giving out some cover love.

That's some words to describe me. I approached Cheyenne, and asked if I could blog with her a few days a week, and she said yes.

So this partnership was born. :P 

Amanda from Born Bookish

I'm super excited to be joining Cheyenne and Megan here at Cover to Cover!

I'm a book blogger/graphic design student with a love for books and an even bigger love for the beautiful designs that grace their covers.
Daniela from YA Book Season

More about Daniela coming soon!

Soma from Insomnia of Books

More about Soma coming soon!

Nikki from Take Me Away

More about Nikki coming soon!

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