Cover of the Day
Cover of the Day gives us a chance to show you one particular cover that we're finding lovely that day. View our complete archives here!

Battle of Editions
Popular books can be reprinted over and over again—with a new face each time. These posts showcase all the different styles that a single book has ever had.

Book Releases
On the first of every month, we'll give you a snapshot of some of the books releasing that month—cover style!

Occasionally, you'll run across a book that shares the same picture with another book—or album, or greeting card. Here we show off every image double-take we find.

Paperback vs. Hardcover
After its initial printing, every book gets reprinted as a paperback, usually with a whole new look. We'll compare and contrast everything about them in these posts.

Series Spotlight
When series keep to the same theme with their covers, you can end up with a set of outstanding covers. Click above to see some beautifully crafted series.

Trends pop up in cover designs all the time, and it's interesting to see some side-by-side. Here are a few trends we've noticed and compiled for you.

US vs. UK
As book rights are transferred to different publishing companies, the journey across the ocean often constitutes a cover change. They battle it out in these posts—go pick your winner! 

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