Sunday, June 10, 2012

Paperback vs. Hardcover: Shatter Me

Megan's Take:

Paperback- The paperback is gorgeous. All falling water and trees for eyelashes. I don't think that it could be prettier than it is. It is beautiful. *Applauds the cover artist*

Hardcover- The hardcover is kind of meh for me. It doesn't really make me want to read it. Meh.

Winner- Paperback, obviously. ^.^

Cheyenne's Take:
Paperback- You can see the tagline more easily on this one. I love the birds, and I think the cover artist did a spectacular job designing it. The title is also really cool. 

Harcover- I love the sliced title! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous work. I also really like how the title sits up on the author's name.

Winner- I think I'll have to go with the paperback as well.


  1. My first impression, when I saw the paperback cover was "ewwwwww." But the more I look at it, the more I'm beginning to appreciate it - especially the birds.

    1. Really?! My first impression was, 'It's so pretty', lol. ;)

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