Sunday, June 24, 2012

Paperback vs. Hardcover: Far From You

Far from You     Far from You 
Megan's Take:
Paperback: Oh. My. Gosh. Is that cover pretty or what? Look at the angel wings, and the simple white on white theme. I love it. It seems very haunting, but also kind of...majestic. I especially like the contrast of the font colors against an all white background. Look at the title font! It. Is. A. Gorgeous. Cover.
Hardcover: Yes. I have an opinion on the hardcover too. Either way you look at it, the hardcover really doesn't have the same hauntingness, or the same bang for your buck. I do like the snowflakes, though.
Winner: Paperback!!

Cheyenne's Take:
Paperback: I think this cover is a really great example of a dramatic look. Everything is white—the designer was playing up the contrast. It makes you stop and look, because it's not something you see every day. And plus, everybody loves angels, so the wings have an instant positive effect.
Hardcover: Okay, so I personally adore snowflakes, so that's a big plus with me, but that's kind of where they end with me. I'm not too crazy with the rest of it, especially that really light blue with the pitch black shadow.
Winner: I'm also voting for the paperback!

Amanda's Take:
Paperback: I think this is such a dainty, delicate looking cover, which I love! Even with the white on white I feel like the girl's body really jumps off the page and grabs your eye. I love the texture of the snow on the ground, it looks so light and fluffy, and adds a lot of depth to the image. Having read the book, I also think this one goes with the story better than the hardcover.
Hardcover: This is actually the cover on the copy I read, so I thought I would be partial to it. I like the bottom half of it, but not the top. The snowflakes are gorgeous, and the detail is  incredible. I just don't think the dark silhouette of the girl fits with the rest of the design.
Winner: The paperback!

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