Sunday, May 13, 2012

Paperback vs. Hardcover: The Night Circus


Megan's Take:
I really like the paperback version, because of the outlined people, and the circus in the background kind of feel, but it just seems a bit too busy, and overwhelming compared to the hardcover version. The shrub made out of clockwork, and the bird flying from the girl's dress are nice touches, but it just all too much.

I love the hardcover one. The title with all the swirly cues, and the circus being the main focus, while being held up by an extremely large hand, that's just awesome. I also really like the swirly tree there, on the arm, and night sky.

So, the Hardcover is my winner.

Cheyenne's Take:
What I really love about this set is they look so much like each other. When I saw the paperback cover, I automatically thought of the hardcover version. The hardcover is just gorgeous. I really, really love the completely black sky with the stars and the striped circus tent being held in the magician's glove. Really, everything about that graphic is perfect.

Now, with the paperback, I like a lot of the aspects in it, but I totally agree with Megan: there's just too much going on. I'm not really sure if we're supposed to focus on the title or the figures or the tent or all of the other details included.

So, to summarize, they're both great covers, but the hardcover is the real winner to me.


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