Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paperback vs. Hardcover: Graveminder


Megan's Take: 
I really love the hardcover version of this one, because there's just something so delicious about that old house there. And look at the tagline, "Sleep well, and stay where I put you." It looks like somebody's handwriting, and that just wins it for me. But mostly it's the creepy old house.

I don't like the paperback version as much, but it's still pretty. I like how she's got a lantern, and she's kind of looking back. But the tagline is just not as easy to read, and it's in a bad place. I like the flowers though.

So, my winner is definitely the Hardcover.
Cheyenne's Take:
I think these two books look so different, which is funny because they share so many qualities. Just look at the similarities of the text from cover to cover: almost everything is the same. But someone changed the background image and rearranged things for two completely different looks. 

So to compare: I like the paperback version. It's got a good color scheme, but, to me, there's too much text. Your eyes should automatically fall to the title of a book, but the text is just kind of jumbled together and the title doesn't stand out.

I love the hardcover version. The house is insanely cool, the dull colors make the title pop, and the vignette edges are perfect for the creepy effect. My vote is for the hardcover as well!

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