Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cover of the Day: A Temptation of Angels

A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink

So I completely love the picture here, though it's a little darker than the covers on here usually are. I love how crisp the image of her face is, and then there's the smoke to contrast it around the edges. On a side note, I'm terrible jealous of this girl's eye color.

Anyone else thinking that if they'd moved down the author's name just a little it would look so much better? Or is that just me being very OCD?

Your thoughts?


  1. As soon as I saw this cover it made me think of the cover for Oppression by Jessica Therrien. They're both dark, with the close up of a brown haired girls face right in the center, and they both fade out around the edges. I agree with you on the moving of the author's name. I actually think it would look better if all the type was moved down farther.

    1. I see the similarities now that you point it out. And I agree that all the text could be moved down. And maybe they could change the font for the author's name? It might look better without so much of one font on it.

  2. I love this cover too, and I agree about moving the author's name down.
    This cover is really similar to Preordained by Kelley Libsack... This one just looks like it has more added to it. I'm so excited to read this though. :D

    1. Wow, they've got the same image! I hadn't seen that book before. Great catch!

      I haven't read anything by Michelle Zink before, even though I always thought Prophecy of the Sisters looked good, so I'm hoping to pick up this one and give her writing a try.

      Thanks for commenting! (: