Friday, April 6, 2012

Cover of the Day: Fracture

Fracture by Megan Miranda

I might be a bit biased towards this cover, as I am with most winter-themed covers, because, being the deprived human being that I am, I have never seen snow in person. And because of this horrible cruelty, I am a little bit obsessed with snowflakes and snowmen and  white-covered scenery and evergreen trees powdered with snow and anything else that is the least bit reminiscent of that lovely frozen stuff.

So obviously, the bare trees and drifting snow are totally loveable to me, even if I'm not too crazy with the tagline or the reflection-like image of the girl.

Your thoughts?


  1. Oh my gosh. I can't believe you've never seen snow! That's so sad =( I absolutely ADORE every single thing about this cover! AND it fits the story perfectly, which is always a bonus! You should definitely read this one if you haven't already! =)

    1. It really is incredibly sad. Somehow, I manage. ;)

      I haven't read it, but the fact that the story works with the cover so encourages me to read it. I love when that happens! I wish I could work as a graphic designer for YA book covers just so it would happen more often. (My covers would ALWAYS match the book!)