Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cover of The Day: Between Two Thorns

Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman

Wow. That's all to say here. I love the brownish color that is spread throughout the cover and the little specks of color here and there. It feels like they signify something. The title's font is gorgeous, the little curves and turns grab your attention immediately. The author's name has been given justice. I just wish the brownish color would have been a little lighter, I think it's a little too depressing,,

What arr your thoughts?

- Soma


  1. At first I thought this was the sequel to The Assassin's Curse because the covers are similar. I agree with you, I love this cover! It doesn't have people but that works for it! Hope the story inside is just as good!

    1. Me, too.. I thought it was some prequel to The Assassin's Curse

  2. I totally thought this was another sequel for Assassin's Curse, it's impossible not to. They look so similar.
    I LOVE it, though! LOVE LOVE LOVE! It reminds me of Spain for some reason. Very beautiful. :)

  3. There's so much in this cover, yet, it's still elegant. I agree that the brown could be a couple of shades lighter. But otherwise it's a fabulous design and mood.

    And I love the idea of a blog just about book covers. What a great reference for book cover designers. Huge thanks!