Sunday, June 17, 2012

Paperback vs. Hardcover: Audrey, Wait!

Audrey, Wait! Audrey, Wait!

Megan's Take:
Paperback: The paperback is interesting, and I really like the title font, but it's not very eye-catching. It's kind of just...meh. We've seen this cover design over and over in YA books.
Hardcover: The hardcover is very colorful and eye-catching, and I love how the title is just everywhere. It looks so cool because of that. I also like how the girl is rocking out, because her hair covers her face, and now I get to imagine what she might look like.
Winner: Hardcover.

Cheyenne's Take:
Paperback: This cover is a little...odd. Everything is a little off-kilter, I guess. Audrey's outfit is a little strange, the sideways author's name is a little distracting, and that little quote is much too wordy. I have to agree with Megan on the title font, though. It's pretty cute.
Hardcover: This one is definitely an eye-catcher. (And I don't think you're going to miss the fact that the title is Audrey, Wait!) I think the design gets it a lot of attention, which is exactly what you want—and need—when you're trying to sell books.
Winner: For me, it's the hardcover.


  1. i like the paperback

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