Sunday, May 27, 2012

Paperback vs. Hardcover: The Future of Us

Megan's Take:

I really, really like the paperback version of this, because it's just so colorful and eye-catching. The title just pops right out at you, and the little doodles look so cool on the background. They picked great contrasting colors, and the people on the front just look so happy. The author's names are very easy to read, and the title, even though it's all popped out, is very easy to read too.

The hardback version is okay, but it doesn't really catch my eye the way the paperback does. It's cool that it's made up of computer code, but the title and the author's names are just way too fuzzy looking for my taste. It's just all a bit to out of focus, and it makes my eyes hurt.

So, the paperback is easily my winner.

Cheyenne's Take:
I can't even tell you how hard deciding between these two is, because they each have such a different theme. The paperback has almost a comic book theme, with the 3-D title and the bright colors. And, also, that gorgeous font they used for the authors' names and for the tagline. The only thing I think I'm not too crazy about is how they kept the characters on it—they look a little strange to me, pasted among the doodles.

The hardcover, on the other hand, has the computer code all over, which I think gets bonus points for going with the book's plot (or so it seems, from what I've heard of it) and I think having just the characters on it works for a more simple look. However, I'm not really a fan of the font. It's just kind of...blah.

I'm really at a standstill. Usually, I can't decide until I've typed up my thoughts, but even now I don't know. It would be the paperback if not for the characters, and the hardcover would have my vote if it had pulled through with a good matching font.

I honestly like these two the exact same amount. As much as I hate to do this, these two tie in my book.

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